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May 2015 News

Easterfest 2015 Testimonies

  • Written by  Testimonies

Testimonies have come flooding in of lives impacted by Easterfest 2015. Here are just a few.

We travelled from Cairns to attend Easterfest with 5 other families from our church. It was very special to share the experience as a group - I know we will reflect on it often together.

It was an awesome opportunity for our teenage kids to experience the wider church and be encouraged and challenged on their faith journeys. We all loved the worship opportunities - the free worship session outside the main gate after midnight on Monday morning was especially amazing and powerful. Worship using a variety of artforms is prioritised and the name of Jesus is proclaimed loudly across the city and region. Thank God for Gumboots!!!


This was the first time I attended Easterfest and also doing crew. Personally, I’m not all that religious. I pray to my God when I want, but never dedicate myself to a church. 

In saying that, the reason why I appreciated my experience at Easterfest was that the people I met didn’t judge me for it. I know how well into God they were and all that, but they never judged me for not being religious. Everyone I met welcomed me with open arms and love. Which is very hard to find these days. 

I’m hoping this will continue to next year as I’ll definitely want to be involved more. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.


A friend from school 5 years ago asked if I was interested in coming to a Christian music festival. I mentioned I was interested and ended up coming along. I am not over exaggerating when I say that Easterfest was the most amazing weekend of my life. 

It was the start of my new life with Jesus. I met new life-long friends who I go to church with, I met my partner (of 4 years) and turned my life in the right direction. I have been coming to Easterfest ever since.

If it wasn’t for Easterfest, I don’t know where I would be now. I wouldn’t be involved in a church, I wouldn’t be a youth leader, I wouldn’t have my amazing partner, I wouldn’t have my beautiful friends, and most importantly I wouldn’t have found Jesus.


Easterfest 2015 has made an incredible impact on the Youth Group at our church. They were camping. It was a new experience for most of them and they were touched by the Holy Spirit at the 72 hours of worship on Saturday night and they will never be the same. 

We praise God and thank you, Easterfest. You have been used by God for many years so a big thank you.


While at Easterfest our group of about 20 people met a young man who was not a Christian, but who had been invited to come by friends. 

He ended up having dinner at our camp and spoke to the youth pastor that was with us who prayed with him. He was learning about Christ for the first time because of Easterfest and I think that’s amazing.


I saw a bare-foot man put his whole weight into pushing a wheelchair up that muddy centre road. I would assume it was his wife in that wheelchair. He put his whole entire weight into pushing it at about a 45 degree angle. The whole centre road was a muddy liquid mess. It was wet and drizzly at the time. 

What made a huge impression on me was the laughter from both of them. His legs and feet and her hands covered in mud and her laughing loudly. They were totally focused on getting to their destination, no whinging or whining or pulling faces, only pure unadulterated fun. 

That picture sums up the whole weekend for me. Yes, it was raining and yes it was muddy, but what fun and what an amazing thing to hear and see people of all ages worshiping God to the max. 

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