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News - May 2014

God’s crazy love on display at Easterfest 2014

  • Written by  Ian Anderson
The worship services at Easterfest 2014 were a highlight for many Photo: Chris Hoopmann

There was plenty of loud music, flashing lights and fast rides, but it was God’s “Crazy Love” that took centre stage at Easterfest

”The feedback about God’s presence at the festival has been amazing,” said event director Dave Schenk. “So many said that the God-focus was as strong as it has been for a very long time.”

Dave said that the team had been “crying out” for this for a long time.

“Yes we would do our bit, but we desperately wanted God to do the bit we couldn’t do,” said Dave. “We can’t make things happen unless God chooses to show up and meet with people.”

And that is exactly what happened, as over the course of the weekend, many people were impacted by the worship sessions, services, and songs.

The Easter Sunday morning service saw over thirty people respond to the call for salvation by Ps. Nat Spary from The Base Family Church.

“When Dave asked me to speak at the Sunday morning service, I knew straight away that I wanted to share about The Parable of the Prodigal Son, focusing on the Father’s love,” said Nat.

What Nat didn’t know was that the prodigal son and the Father’s “Crazy Love” was to be the theme for the service.

“When I was handed the program and opened it up to read the parable of the Prodigal Son – it was confirmation that I had heard from God,” said Nat.

Dave said that the way God had pieced together the things He wanted to do was incredibly encouraging.

“Nat had no idea that we were going to have a short video on the Prodigal Son in the program,” said Dave. “Or that Evan Shelton was going to sing his own song ‘Crazy Love’ before his message.”

“I felt like that song summarised my message perfectly,” said Nat. “It was crazy love all through the service and over thirty people responded to commit their lives to God.”

Another song inspired by the Prodigal Son theme that featured over the weekend was Sarah Freeman’s original ‘You’re Welcome Home’.

“The way the Father receives His son is just incredible!” said Sarah. “The lyrics to the bridge of the song are, ‘Then He saw me from far far away. He came running to me with a smile on His face. Then He hugged me, and robed me, and he gave me a ring. He said, ‘lets have a feast for my child is safe’.”

“What an incredible picture of God’s heart for us,” said Sarah.

The song was a highlight for many, especially Dave Schenk. “It was incredibly annointed,” he said.

“At the end of the day music is just noise. It can’t change someone. Only God can,” said Sarah. “God came and touched so many hearts with his crazy love throughout the festival.”

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