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July 2015 News

Maybe even a child’s heart resonates with the truth of marriage

  • Written by  Comment: Lyle Shelton
Tasmanian Rodney Croome is trying to make it illegal for a Catholic information booklet on marriage to be given to school children

COMMENT: The Australian Christian Lobby’s Managing Director Lyle Shelton is concerned that the freedom to tell children the truth about marriage is under threat.

Now they want to make it illegal to teach children the truth about marriage

Such is the pressure on marriage, that the freedom to tell children the truth about it is under threat.

Even the freedom of a Christian school to teach Christian teaching on marriage is being labelled as ‘likely illegal’.

This is hard to believe but it is true.

Those working politically to change its definition want no discussion of counter arguments.

They are trying to use the law to make it illegal for kids to be given information.

The leader of the movement for redefining marriage and family is Tasmanian same-sex attracted man Rodney Croome.

Last month he declared a Catholic information booklet on marriage to be “likely illegal” (see www.australianmarriageequality.org/2015/06/24/media-release-church-school-marriage-booklet-likely-violates-anti-bias-law/).

The courageous Roman Catholic Archbishop of Hobart, Julian Porteous, proposes to send a copy home with every child in the archdiocese’s schools.

Mr Croome is urging people to complain about the booklet to the human rights commission.

He says it breaches anti-discrimination law.

The booklet is entitled “Don’t Mess with Marriage”. It is very respectful of same-sex relationships but simply makes the point that they are different to marriage.

It goes on to say children should wherever possible have their mother and father.

Hardly radical stuff but according to Mr Croome, this simply can’t be tolerated.

Anyone who values the freedom of Australians to believe and publicly speak about our current definition of marriage should be very concerned.

Where have we come to as a society when the political activists for redefining marriage want to use the law to stop children in religious schools from being taught that religion’s teaching?

Why does Mr Croome fear children being taught that it is their basic human right, wherever possible, to have and be allowed to know their mother and father?

Maybe even a child’s heart resonates with this truth.

It is clear that redefining marriage and family in law is one of the biggest threats to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion that this country faces. 

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