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July 2015 News

The rising tide of prayer and worship

  • Written by  Ian Anderson
Prayer, intercession and worship at the Hub, a new Toowoomba initiative with a vision for 24/7 prayer and worship in the CBD Photo: Provided

In more than 30 years of prayer ministry, Brian Pickering has never seen such a hunger for prayer in our nation.

“There is a silent revolution taking place across Australia,” said Brian, co-ordinator of The Australian Prayer Network.

“The desire to understand prayer and explore its place in resolving the enormous issues and problems facing our world today has never been stronger.”

Brian believes teaching on prayer has been largely ignored within the Body of Christ, which has resulted in unprecedented demand for teaching of the biblical principles and spiritual understanding associated with prayer and intercession.

He said since starting “The Watchmen School of Intercession” last year, almost 2500 people have attended one of the 35 Foundation Level Schools held across Australia, with hundreds more attending DVD Schools in smaller communities and individual Churches.

“This response is unprecedented in our 30 year experience and we believe points towards an unfulfilled hunger in the hearts of many believers for the truth of God’s word to be revealed to them,” he said. 

Toowoomba also is experiencing a new season of hunger for prayer. A tangible expression of this is the vision for 24/7 prayer and worship in the CBD.

“We have been on a 40 year journey of prayer,” said Toowoomba Regional Prayer Network co-ordinator Annie Cathcart, “and the rise of prayer and worship over that time has slowly but surely grown.”

Annie said that over the last 40 years, there have many city intercessors praying around the clock, different seasons of focused and continuous prayer from many different churches, and even a 5 year period where Toowoomba was completely covered by a 24/7 prayer chain.

But she believes that having a place in the centre of the city for continuous prayer and worship will be transformational.

“If we can get 24/7 prayer and worship going in the CBD, it will completely change the atmosphere of Toowoomba,” she said.

Evan Shelton, who runs the monthly Citywide Prayer and Worship meetings at Rangeville Community Church agrees.

“I believe that prayer and worship help to create an atmosphere where the church can minister more effectively, where the power of the enemy is driven back and ground is taken for the kingdom,” he said.

But what would it take to create a place of 24/7 prayer and worship in the CBD?

Jake Fischer from YWAM Toowoomba began the process of finding out after God gave him a vision for 24/7 prayer and worship.

After sitting on the vision for a few years, Jake said it started to gather momentum a year and a half ago when regular prayer and worship nights started occurring in the Easterfest office.

As a result of these nights, The Hub was born.

While not yet 24/7, Jake said the vision is to bring a community together to worship and pray 24/7.  

“The vision is to be intimate with God, hear His voice, intercede for the city in prayer, then be burning with a passion to reach the city and do missions and evangelism in Toowoomba,” Jake said. 

The Hub  
7pm-10pm every Thursday 
St. Stephens Uniting Church, 51 Neil St
5 Hours of Prayer & Worship
6pm-11pm Friday 17 July
Range Christian Fellowship, 13 Blake St
Citywide Prayer and Worship
7:30pm every 3rd Monday
Rangeville Community Church, 362 Mackenzie St 

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