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Latest News - December 2015

Seeking asylum . . . and finding Jesus

  • Written by  Jack Kamst
The tents in which asylum seeker families live in on Nauru

Toowoomba’s Jack and Annie Kamst share two stories of working with asylum seekers on Christmas Island and Nauru.

STORY 1: Two years ago when Anne and I were on Christmas Island, we had helped to organise a Christmas Service in Detention for this particular Family Camp. 

Well, we just so happened to come across three Muslim ladies who were good singers and were singing some Christmas Carols together. Hearing they were quite good, Anne asked them “why don’t you sing for us at the Christmas Service?” And so they did. 

Anne also remembers praying that the words of the carols would penetrated right into their hearts so they would come to know the living God! 

STORY 2: Anne and I have never been abused by Asylum Seekers on Christmas Island; in fact, we have always been treated with the greatest respect, right across the board. 

Only once was I given a really hard time by someone who disagreed with what we were saying about the Good News! And this was by a man who was both a husband and a father and he really got stuck into me (verbally).

Now fast forward 2 years and we’re on Nauru!

BACK TO STORY 1: Three weeks ago on Nauru, I met a lady who wanted the Good News explained to her, and so I did. After she accepted Christ, she also told me that she was one of the three ladies who sang those Christmas Carols all those two years ago! When I told Anne after I returned, she was really moved by this answer to her prayer!

AND NOW BACK TO STORY 2: I was sitting in the Lunch Tent one day and a Christian friend came up to me and said “Jack, do you remember the guy who gave you such a hard time on Christmas Island? Well, he is now a Christian!” 

Actually, he wrote a letter for all to know his story. This is how it goes:

“Hello. I have a wife and child. We came to Christmas Island at the end of July 2013 and we have been in Detention since then. It’s about 18 months that we are on Nauru Detention and living in a tent in the hot weather.”

“We were processed one year ago and known as refugees but still they keep us in detention in tent Last year I had a heart attack and they sent me to the mainland for medical treatment. There I met Australian kind people and went to church and prayed with them and then I changed to Christianity and since then I am very calm and happy. Thanks for your kindness.” 

It was through the kindness of Australians on the mainland that this man is now a Christian! Awesome. And one of the outstanding outcomes of becoming a Christian in detention is that Jesus brings a calmness overall. Marvellous.

Jack and Anne are available to speak at churches (and other places) to talk about their experiences on Christmas Island and their ongoing work on Nauru. You can contact them on 0434 729 115 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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The tents in which asylum seeker families live in on Nauru

Seeking asylum . . . and finding Jesus

Toowoomba’s Jack and Annie Kamst share two stories of working with asylum seekers on Christmas… Read More

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