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December 2013 News

Obedience leads to alternative healing

  • Written by  Ian Anderson
David Stanfield’s half-beard is an expression of his obedience to God Photo: Ian Anderson

Living with half a beard is David Stanfield’s way of declaring the importance of obeying God. So when he was diagnosed with cancer, David believed God’s promise of healing even though obedience meant taking an alternative route.

“When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer 18 months ago, the specialist immediately talked about having my bladder taken out,” said David. “I thought – no way, I need my bladder for the next 30 years!”

“But as I spent time with the Lord, He very clearly said, ‘Don’t be distracted, I’m going to heal you. Keep moving forward, I’ll do My part and I’ll show you yours.’”

David is a Toowoomba local who ministers around the world teaching people how to worship with movement, using banners as a tool to help them express their worship in a new way.

While David admits the normal western diet was a big contributor towards his cancer, he also believes there were very strong spiritual forces at work.

“I minister in some very dark places around the world and I knew that I had upset some of the dark side, in particular in the northern Aboriginal tribes of Australia,” said David.

“So I went to the Toowoomba Healing Rooms and to the Freedom Life Centre and I met with an Aboriginal leader and we explored the connections between the work that I was doing for the Kingdom and curses coming from the opposite side.”

David said they discovered a lot of spiritual activity connected with his health.

“So we dealt with the spiritual component first. We cut off the curses and prayed for cleansing of my body against words that had been spoken.”

Knowing that he was now set free from the spiritual forces at work, David set about looking for a way to be healed.

“I just didn’t want my bladder cut out, and I wanted to avoid chemo and radiation too” said David. “I was too young and I didn’t think that was the way I should go. So I started looking for alternatives.”

Searching for an alternative to the medical option lead David to an alternative practitioner on the Sunshine Coast. This decision, however, would test his obedience.

“I found there was a really strong bias towards the medical treatment and real negativity towards the alternative, natural treatment,” said David. “Not just in society generally, but also within the Church.”

“I even had one of my intercessors stop praying for me because I had chosen to go with an alternative therapy. That shocked me.”

“When I travel, I talk about obedience,” said David. “So my half-beard is a picture of doing what God tells you to do, even if it’s not normal, even if the Church doesn’t applaud.”

For 10 months, David cut sugar and carbs from his diet and did daily exercises designed to strengthen his body’s natural response to the disease. According to David’s alternative practitioner, cancer cells consume 19 times as much sugar as other cells.

“So by dropping my level of sugar intake down, I weakened the cancer,” said David. “And then I used everyday foods, such as nuts, spices, beans, seeds and green vegetables, and took them in doses that actually caused the cancer to go backwards.”

After 10 months of alternative treatment, and six doses of a bacterial inoculation treatment in his bladder, along with regular supervision from a medical specialist, three months ago David went back to visit his specialist in Brisbane for an examination. The whole lining of his bladder was healed and there was no sign of any cancer cells.

“The miracle for me is that I am walking in a body that is designed to heal itself,” said David. “I believe God healed me by guiding me to find a way to help my body heal itself.”

You can follow David’s journey to healing via six short videos on YouTube. Click here to see them.

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