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August 2015 News

We are better parents now

  • Written by  Testimony: Nadine Wright

Toowoomba local Nadine Wright shares her journey of becoming a foster parent.

As a couple we had always felt called to fostering or adopting, we had always felt to open our home to a little person in need of love. 

So my husband and I discussed the fostering adoption options with our biological children and prayed about when the season was right to open our home. 

In 2014 an extended family member had a baby girl removed at birth. Sadly, reunification failed and our extended family and child safety approached us about being long term carers for this little girl. Immediately we knew that this was what God had us waiting for. 8 weeks of assessments later and we had approval and began the transition of an 8 month old little girl into our family. 

In my mind, I had imagined the constant unconditional love that I would offer through the settling process and in my imagining the baby would always respond beautifully. This is not reality. 

I have learnt that whether you bring a child into your home, either biologically, foster or adopting, it is hard, You cry, they cry and while you have nice moments there are more tough days than Kodak memories in the mix.  

With fostering/adopting you do skip the morning sickness and labour but you have to work harder at living selflessly and without reward for the first few months. A network of experienced support is a life line.

Stats show that as long as a child has lived without you, is how long they will need to learn to live with you. This has been 100% true in our experience. 

The thing to remember about fostering/adopting is that it is a beautiful, transformative process that God takes everyone involved on. However it always stems from and is marred by tragedy, there are many milestones that bring laughter and tears. 

Right now we are 10 months into our fostering experience and as we are long term carers (will have our new daughter living with us for a minimum of 18yrs) things are great. She is settled, we are settled. 

We are better parents to our biological children, through the research needed to support the transition of our foster daughter. Our extended family is even further extended through the inclusion of our daughter’s past carer and her family. We share a journey with many people who love our daughter, and she is blessed to have so much love around her. 

However our journey is different from other carers. All the journeys are different, as all the children are different. 

But I do encourage you to pray about opening your home to a little person. There could be a child out there waiting for you. You too can watch the miracle of healing begin in a little person’s life. 


Inspiration & Information on Fostering Children

As Christians we have the responsibility & privilege of looking after orphans. Come and hear from foster parents who have opened their homes and also what are other practical ways to help foster children in Toowoomba.

September 10th at 7:30pm 

St. Bart’s Church, 103 Stenner Street

RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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